To Sale or not to Sale

It seems that everyone has a sale on at the moment, traditionally people used to wait until the January sales to buy large ticket items. But with so much competition about these days and everyone fighting to get their hands on your little bit of spare cash, it seems to me that the sales last all year round. So, the big question is – should Glitterwitch have big sale now?

Well, those of you who have visited the website will know that there is now a Sale album on there covering a variety of products. This album will remain all year round with new items being added each month.

You may also know that our Facebook page employs a purple Marketing Dragon called Lorna. She now posts special offers every week just for fans of that page. So dont forget to pop over and see what she has for you this week.

I said before that I would tell you a bit about living with an Auto Immune Disease. I was diagnosed with Hughes Syndrome or Sticky Blood, a couple of years ago following a huge blood clot in my thigh. Consequently I have to take a daily dose of Warfain to thin my blood and stop it clotting any more. Trouble is, to date my blood has not stabilised and so at the moment I have to have it tested twice a week and my Warfarin dose adjusted each time. Not only is that time consuming, but when my blood is too thick it affects my concentration levels. So running Glitterwitch on my own is challenging and sometimes frustrating, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

That leads me nicely to this time’s crafty quote: “Life is too short – knit faster!”

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