A Dragon Romance

Some of you may know that we had a new dragon visit us at the weekend. Well, here is the story that led to us meeting “Oscar”.
At night when the household is sleeping
The Dragons are going online
Searching for others all over the world

And helping themselves to some wine!
They have signed up to various websites
Like “Meet a Mystical Mate”
And Lena has taken a fancy to one
Who has asked her out on a date
Lorna says she must be cautious
And not to get carried away
So, Oscar has sent them a photo
And the girls have asked him to stay.
Alfie has done risk assessments
 Of meeting a stranger on line
But Lena says he shouldn’t worry
She’s sure it will all be just fine
Oscar arrived very promptly
At exactly the time they’d agreed
With flowers and beads to give Lena,
Which made her go very weak-kneed
Our Lena was suddenly blushing
And couldn’t quite meet Oscar’s eye
Lorna was just sitting staring
For she had gone terribly shy.
So there we are, is this the start of a Dragon romance, and which of the sisters will win his heart?
Well you will just have to wait to find out – come back soon and see what happens,
Lorna & Lena were recruited to Glitterwitch by the lovely Tina from Mists of Azura and Oscar is a OOK (one of a kind) Dragon  from the wonderful  Goblin Dreams . Why not pop over and say Hello to them and thank them for giving us so much fun.
Until next time …….

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