Its All About the Seed Beads

Day 3 of National Beading Week – have you been playing with your beads yet? Today’s Blog is all about Seed Beads.

As a teenager in the 1970’s I loved the growing trend for seed bead necklaces and bracelets, known as Love Beads.
I would save my pocket money, actually I saved my bus fare money by walking to school, to spend Saturdays with my friends scouring the shops for the prettiest necklaces. Love Beads were everywhere! We would wear them as necklaces, wrap them round our wrists as bracelets, and I would even weave them into a small plait at the side of my hair. Lucky there are no photos of that!
So began my love of seed beads. I now own Glitterwitch and am the only UK stockist of Size 9 TOHO seed beads in over 100 colours.  The trend for Love Beads has slowed down, but maybe we can revive it – here is my more modern take on a necklace. What do you think?
Of course, there are lots of other ways that you can use these lovely seed beads including Bead Weaving and Bead Embroidery. But another favourite of mine is making Christmas Decorations with them. (Sorry, I had to mention the C word in July!)
I like to use the Silver Lined Colours as they catch the light beautifully and sparkle away all day long.
I have no great skill at beading, my Crafting Superpower is knitting as some of you will know. But even I can turn my hand to some pretty decorations using these lovely beads. Hmm, now how can I combine knitting with these beads – watch this space………
That’s all for today folks – let me know what you think won’t you.
Tomorrows Beady Blog is entitled Beads Beads Everywhere – see you then!

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