Never mix Dragons & Witches

Most of you know that I have a few helpers to share the workload at Glitterwitch.

  • Alfie the Elf is in Charge of ‘Elf ‘n’ Safety
  • Lena is a Purple Accounting Dragon (sister to Lorna)
  • Lorna is a Purple Marketing Dragon (sister to Lena)
  • Pearl is a Spiral Witch in charge of Beading advice (sister to Purl)
  • Purl is a Spiral Witch in charge of knitting advice (Sister to Pearl)
The Dragons sisters are rather mischievous and are always getting themselves into trouble. The Spiral Witches on the other hand are hardworking  and just get on with their work quietly singing to themselves. Poor old Alfie tries to control the dragons, but just lately that has been becoming more difficult.
Eventually the lovely Spiral Witches decided that something has to be done!

The Spiral Witches are friendly and kind
They work hard just to make my life better
But they don’t like the way that the dragons do things
So they sat down and wrote a long letter
They wrote to some cousins on far distant shores
And explained how the dragons behave
They said its not right, it just has to stop
Its driving us all to our grave
We know what is needed, the cousins agreed
Someone who won’t shy away
From meeting the dragons and sorting them out
And making them earn all their pay!
So far, far away in the dark dead of night
They set off with their trusty black horses
Their mission to find and recruit a new witch
As the Head of Non-Human Resources!
Well, goodness know what will happen next, I guess we will just have to await developments.

I will leave you with my favourite quote about work:

I always give 100% at work. 13% on Monday, 22% on Tuesdays, 26% Wednesdays, 35% Thursdays and 4% on Fridays!

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