Naughty Dragons

We are having staffing problems here again at Glitterwitch.
For those of you who haven’t met our staff, please see the post below for details.

Things are getting a little tense at Glitterwitch HQ …….

The dragons are up to their tricks again
They’ve been skating on beads ‘cross the floor!
Apart from the noise and the mess that it makes
The beads all pile up by the door
Then when Alfie arrives, he trips on the beads
And lands with a bump on his head.
The dragons run off and all you can hear
Are the giggles from under their bed.
The Spiral Witches are watching
They tell Alfie all will be right soon
Just wait one more week and help will arrive

By the light of the silvery Moon
Short and sweet this time as I have a lot of beads to pick up from the floor, I do hope the witches have come up with a plan to sort out the naughty dragons.
I will leave you with a sign seen recently in a Belgium Brewery giving directions to the toilets, just because it made me smile.

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