Greenland Beading

Lots of people have asked about our Size 9 TOHO Beads as it is an unusual size for seed beads. Well, it all began with Greenland Beading.

This type of beadcraft started with the Danish returning from Greenland where it originated in a very primitive form

In the beginning, the beads were made from fish and animal bones, quills and other objects that were found. With increased trading in the 16th Century, glass beads became available and the craft expanded and thrived.

In more modern times Helle Husted began STENBODEN Beadcraft in 1976 in Denmark, using the Greenland Beading techniques where it became one of the most popular Nordic crafts. The Danish beading patterns using 9/0 Toho beads, were translated into English and became available in small booklets.

Although Helle has since retired, this form of beadcraft is still very popular all over the world.

Glitterwitch has the exclusive UK rights to the 9/0 Toho beads used in the beading patterns, and we still have some of the pattern booklets in stock.

Nowadays the size 9 Beads have many other uses including Bead Embroidery, Bead Weaving and of course Jewellery Making. Personally, I like to thread them onto wire and them knit bracelets with them.

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