Postage & Packaging

Well here we are at the end of March already and that means an increase in  Royal Mail charges. Sadly we will also have to increase our postal charges by 5p to cover the increase.

It is always difficult working out the postal charges for the website as we sell such a diverse range of goods , which come in all shapes and sizes. When postal rates were decided by weight alone it wasn’t so bad, but now that it is a combination of weight and size it is all a bit more tricky. So I think that the fairest way is to go with a flat rate for all orders – that way there is no argument, everyone knows the cost up front.

With regard to packaging, here at Glitterwitch we try to recycle as much as we can. So if you order something that needs to be packed in a box don’t be surprised if it is a box that once housed tea bags of Weetabix. When we dispatch orders with Metal Rings most of the boxes are custom made by Mr Glitterwitch. He recycles large pieces of cardboard and with the aid of a steel rule, a pencil, sharp scissors and lots of patience he makes a box around the actual rings. That way they are snuggly packed and it reduces the chance of damage on their journey to their new owner.

We try to keep our prices on the website as low as we can because we know a lot of you make items which you then want to sell to your own customers. So we have chosen not to buy pretty boxes to pack our goods in but to help the environment and recycle packaging where we can.

That’s all for now, except to wish you all a very Happy Easter.