What’s New in July

For a while now White Coated Metal Rings have been our most popular item on the website. So I am very excited to bring you metal rings in two new colours this month, Gold Coated and Silver Coated.

Gold Metal Ring

Silver metal ring

Each colour is available in 4 sizes, 10cm, 15cm , 20cm and 25cm and I have managed to keep the prices the same as the White Coated Rings.

These new rings are in plenty of time for you to create some beautiful Christmas decorations and maybe festive coloured Dream Catchers.

On the subject of Dream Catchers, also new this month are Wooden Discs for adding to the centre of your creations. If you, like me, love dream catchers but never get around to making them because the centre part always looks very complicated, these discs are just for you.

10cm wooden Filigree Disc x 2

7cm Wooden Disc x 2

They can be used with Cord, Wooden Beads and Feathers to make beautiful dream catchers very quickly and easily.

Do let me know what you think of the new products and I would love to see your creations using them.

Bye for now, remember, Creativity is contagious – pass it on!