Time to De-Stash!

Have you ever heard the acronym SABLE?  Well it stands for Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy

That seems to be the situation that I am in. As most of you know my crafting superpower is knitting and crochet and I love nothing better than wandering around a yarn shop. In these difficult times for small businesses I feel obliged to try and support local yarn and craft shops. So, in my travels around the UK, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany of recent years I have “supported” many independent yarn shops.

I normally buy yarn with a project in mind, but sometimes, it is just so pretty that I buy it anyway and hope that a suitable project will come along later. So, over recent years I have built up quite a “stash” which currently fills several large boxes and a wardrobe in the spare room.

Health problems over the last few years have left me spending a lot of time at home with my feet up and therefore having plenty of time to knit and crochet. Unfortunately a small stroke earlier this year has meant that my left side is weaker than the right, and yes, you guessed it, I am left handed. In practise it means that I have to pace myself each day and limit the activities that will make my arm ache. The result is that I can no longer knit and crochet every time I sit down but instead have to balance it with other daily activities, like typing, chopping veg, carrying shopping etc etc.

So, all this means that it is time to let go of some of my yarn stash – a sad day indeed! I have sorted through and started listing some of the items in the OFFERS section of the website. All the balls of yarn are brand new and unused and are listed in varying quantities. I hope someone out there can make use of them as I don’t want them to feel unloved. They would be great for someone making up a yarn basket as a present as there is a rather varied assortment of yarns.

I shall carry on sorting through and listing items over the next few weeks – it is a very big job. But for now the first items are listed here

I shall leave you with this cute quote:

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