Brexit & Me – the view from a Micro Business

This is not a political post but simply a description of how Brexit (or not) is affecting me as the owner of a Micro Business.

The Craft Supplies on my website are mainly imported from a supplier in Germany, and the TOHO Beads come from Denmark. I contacted both companies a while back asking if they still intended to trade with the UK following Brexit.

Of course, as none of us know what the details of our exit from the EU will be at the moment they could not give me a definitive answer. Germany told me they are certain I will still be able to buy from them in the future but there may be a short period of uncertainly while they sort out the customs issues. So their advice was to buy enough stock to last a few months to see me through. Denmark were a little less certain of future trading and so also advised me to stock up  while I could.

Glitterwitch is a small business which my husband and myself run from home. We have limited cash flow and limited space to store stock. But, I did my best and ordered plenty of stock from both companies to see me through the end of March and into the summer.

Now it is looking increasingly likely that Brexit will be delayed, if it happens at all, so how will that affect me?  Well the answer is, I have no idea! I cannot begin to imagine the problems facing large corporations and business during this time  but they do have the consolation of many hands making light work to get them through it.

For me, April is a time for completing a VAT return, finalising my end of year accounts, stock taking and thinking of starting my tax return. All of that is of course fitting around actually running the business, posting on social media, talking to customers, packing orders  etc etc etc.

Running a business of any size has it own challenges and although that is part of the reason I do it, the delays and uncertainties around Brexit are maybe just a challenge too far at the moment!

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