What time is it where you are?

Since being in lockdown and stuck in Glitterwitch HQ with Mr Glitterwitch, I have noticed a strange phenomena.  Different Rooms seem to be in different time zones!

So, the digital alarm clock that is supposed to receive a regular time signal, is always showing 30 minutes ahead on its display. I have tried unplugging it so that it gets a new signal, but it is still 30mins in advance. Even more weird when the clocks changed recently, it got its updated signal and went forward an hour, but, yes you guessed it, still 30 mins ahead!

Now the kitchen is another problem. Boiler thermostat receives an automatic signal so we must assume that is right. Oven clock is set by me. When the clocks change twice a year I adjust the oven clock manually to match the boiler one. Within days it is a couple of minutes different and they continue to get further apart until the clocks change and I adjust it again.

My phone is always a couple of minutes different to Mr Glitterwitch’s phone and my laptop is obviously different again. I don’t want to even think about the clock in the car – that takes a degree in engineering to change!

I have come to the conclusion that there are some weird goings on at Glitterwitch HQ. Do you think it could be the effect of thousands of beads all jostling together?


So, have you noticed anything strange while you have been in lockdown? Or maybe you can solve my time problem for me? Either way, do add a comment and let me know.

I will leave you with this thought:

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