Stock, Brexit and Minks!

So, here we are in November 2020 with the UK in lockdown and everyone trying to buy their Christmas Supplies online. Here at Glitterwitch we have been very busy with your orders and I want to thank you for that. I have tried hard to keep our stock levels up but unfortunately there have been times when items have been out of stock.

With changes resulting from Brexit fast approaching I have been trying to build up my stocks for the items I buy from Germany so that I won’t need to order early in the new year when I am sure confusion will reign. So with that in mind I places a larger than normal order last week and have now been informed it is arriving on a pallet weighing 73kg. Hmm, I might have ordered a little too much!

Many of you will know that I run Glitterwitch from my home in Sevenoaks Kent and so goodness knows where I am going to put all this stock. More to the point I hope the delivery driver has his own fork lift truck because I don’t have one!

Putting all that to one side, I decided to stock up on TOHO beads which I order from Denmark. Have you worked out the problem with that one?  Yes, the mink in Denmark have a variant form of Covid and so our government have banned freight arriving from Denmark into the UK for the time being.

Heyho, the joys of running a small business! What keeps me going throughout all this is you, my lovely customers. You never fail to surprise me with the beautiful things you make using my craft supplies and it is always lovely to receive photos from you.

Bye for now and remember, there are no mistakes in crafting, only unique creations.


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